So, I know you’re asking yourself “So what is Level257 all about anyway?”. No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway!

Q: What does Level257 mean?
If you reach Level 256 in Pacman, the game corrupts itself. So we decided to name the site Level257 to prove that we go “ONE STEP BEYOONNNDDD!” OK… not really. It just sounded cool.

Q: What is Level257 all about?
A websiet were wii tork aboot vidya gaemz.

Q: Is Gasp Russian?
No, he’s Portuguese. Pretty much the exact same place anyway…. I KID, I KID!

Q: Why is Skambu so sexy?
Not sure. Maybe he was born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.

Q: Have you heard about the bird?
Why yes my good sir, I have. I was aware that everybody had heard about this particular word?

That is not a question, it’s a statement. But a great statement nonetheless.

Q: I have noticed that this website isn’t too serious, why is that?
Because there’s too many sites out there like that already. Also, we can’t be serious. I mean, HAVE YOU HEARD US?


8 Responses to FAQ

  1. fryster says:

    I’m a penis lol.

  2. oh, just a dude, post-spliff says:

    yellow canary

  3. kaszper says:

    I was getting way to much fan mail from Russian girls, thanks for clearing that out.

  4. Great site! Good to see your not taking it too serious but then again Gaming IS Serious Business!

    And yes, I have heard about the bird.

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