REVIEW – Metal Gear Solid Touch (iPhone/iPod Touch)

April 14, 2009


After playing through the abomination of Metal Gear Touch, I can only imagine that the conversation between the developers at Kojima Productions went a little something like this:
Dev 1: Oh Crap! Hideo is still in his “I don’t want to make anymore Metal Gear games” phase, and Konami wants us to do a Metal Gear game for the iPod Touch and iPhone! What do we do?
Dev 2: Hideo did a great job on MGS4. Why don’t we just port that?
Dev 1: But MGS4 had detailed cutscenes, stealthy gameplay and complex controls! How can we port that with just tilt and a touchscreen?
Dev 2: Story? Stealth? Control? We won’t need those for this game…

The demonic spawn of the iPhone and Metal Gear Solid 4, created quite possibly the worst Metal Gear game ever.

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