E3 2010 In 5 Minutes: Part 1 – Microsoft

September 6, 2010

I would like to give a short explanation about the thought, original idea behind this video and why the hell it is being posted almost 3 months late. You should probably read this before watching it though. Or not. No one likes reading anyway.

My first concept was to take the 3 big E3 2010 Press Conferences and give it a “5 second movies” vibe, only not as short.

The problem was that not only did I have some major time constraints once E3 was around, making it hard to release on the closest date possible to the E3 week, (loosing more and more relevance as time went by) but also the fact that after completing something like 2/3 of it, I began realizing that maybe the concept wasn’t as funny on video as it was on my original mental image. I still stand by that.

Nevertheless, the truth is that the E3 2010 In 5 Minutes project has been mostly complete for some time now, even thought I don’t believe I will finish it. So with that in mind, I decided to post the first of the 3 parts: Microsoft Press Conference. This way, all the time, sweat and blood put on this won’t feel as much as a complete waste.

Hope you guys like it! (and if you do happen to enjoy this first part, I could always post the second one, Nintendo’s Press Conference.)

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