Gamers Enemies vlog – thank yous and blurrypron prize unboxing

February 6, 2010

Do you want to see a douche with a Russian accent butcher the English language multiple times!? Then jump right in!
Now seriously, as I say on the video, this is a big thank you note to every one that helped me and made me want to do continue doing more and better videos.
There are more episodes of Gamers Enemies on the making, its just a matter of having more free time to get some filming done.

If you have no idea of what the hell  I’m talking about, go watch Gamers Enemies – Nature’s Call.

This video is more directed to my fans over at Screwattack. But I did get some views over here as well, so lets get this started.

Part 2 of the video after the jump.

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Gamers Enemies – Nature’s Call

November 11, 2009

The craptastic video I was talking about in the last post a few weeks back is finally done and uploaded!

As I explain over at youtube, this is the first episode of a little video series I’m hopping to continue making. The idea is simple:  we gamers talk a lot about the enemies we confront in  games, but what about the ones we have to face on our daily lives while gaming?

This is something I had in my head and paper for a few months now. While the video itself didn’t took that many hours to film and edit, what made it take so long for me to actually finish it was the fact that I can only do this kinda of thing mostly during the weekends. And even during weekends, sometimes I just wan’t to do nothing for a change. All in all, for a less then 2 minutes long video, it took more then it should.
Then again, I didn’t do any of the steps in one sitting. Being a first, this had a lot of tinkering with the camera, lighting and editing, as I wanted to give the best impression possible for the first episode.

Thank you Microsoft for making a video editing tool that makes creating something like this so easy I almost feel bad about it.

Any kind of feedback, ideas for next episodes, or plain compliments on my feet, are more then welcome. (especially the last bit)

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