Gamers Enemies vlog – thank yous and blurrypron prize unboxing

February 6, 2010

Do you want to see a douche with a Russian accent butcher the English language multiple times!? Then jump right in!
Now seriously, as I say on the video, this is a big thank you note to every one that helped me and made me want to do continue doing more and better videos.
There are more episodes of Gamers Enemies on the making, its just a matter of having more free time to get some filming done.

If you have no idea of what the hell  I’m talking about, go watch Gamers Enemies – Nature’s Call.

This video is more directed to my fans over at Screwattack. But I did get some views over here as well, so lets get this started.

Part 2 of the video after the jump.

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Free Weekend – 09/01/02

January 2, 2010

Since this is the first entry on my new blog series, a small introduction is needed:
Following the ended “TEH NEWZ” I used to post on a (mostly) weekly basis, now I decided to start writhing again and move onto something less time consuming. A blog series where I will post a vast array of free stuff that you can find online. Be it games, music, movies, etc… Anything that its worth your time.
I guess one of the reasons I’m doing this is because I feel that so many artists, programmers and designers give so much great content and quite often receive so little praise. Not only that but considering that getting laid off has become more and more  common in so many countries, getting free stuff is maybe now more appreciated then ever.

This is going to be divided in 4 parts (at least for now): downloadable games, games you can play of the browser,  music track/album and video/movie.

Lets get started then!
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Australian Gaming Prices, and you think YOU had it bad!

July 19, 2009

Since I’m an avid podcast listener and forum browser, I regularly see North Americans complaining about the prices of games where they live. Now imagine this, imagine that you live in a country where games and especially consoles cost a ridiculous amount more. How would you feel then? Like a whiny bitch? Well, you should, because you are. I hate you.

NOTE: To make this fair, I’m going to use the prices from the GameStop website for North America, and the prices from the EB Games Australia website for Australia.

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Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition – The First Step.

July 9, 2009

That’s right. It finally happened. Two of the most addictive games ever have joined forces to release an unstoppable beast… that’s right. If you go to PopCap now, then you’ll be able to download a 10-level pack entitled ‘Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition‘ for the PC version of Peggle, completely free.

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Left 4 Dead 2: The Suicide Pact? [A Point-by-Point Analysis of the Boycott]

July 1, 2009


Awesome! Or is it? *generic dramatic music*

Reading an announcement from the Steam “Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott Group”, I see that they’re concerned with their portrayal in the media. They say, and I quote, “If you find an article from a… gaming media source that is inaccurate or slanderous, bring it to our attention… We are going to try speaking to some of these folks… While we take criticism, we’re not going to put up with slander or false reporting.” This I understand and respect. Therefore, for the majority of this commentary, I’m only going to respond to things they’ve directly announced. Later, I’ll dabble in some of their forums’ user messages, as well as my own main thoughts about the situation, but I want to respect their wishes and keep mainly to the groups statements.

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Upcoming Guitar Hero games revealed!

May 2, 2009


My non-existent contacts at Activision have informed me about some upcoming Guitar Hero games. With the release of GH: Aerosmith and GH: Metallica, along with the rumors of GH: Van Halen being released, they have told me to inform readers of new games coming to the series. So… let’s get started!

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