Draths awesome flawless victory of win on Dawn Of War 2!

July 25, 2009

Just because we can, Drath shows us his uber skillz at Dawn Of War 2. You might learn something.

Me and my friend dominating 2 guys on Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2, which is something that doesnt happen very often at our rank.

I’m also making another DotA video of me and my friend getting epic kills, so look forward to that.


REVIEW – Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition (PC)

July 19, 2009

What do you get when you grab two really addictive games and force them to have babies together?

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REVIEW – Plants VS Zombies (PC)

May 26, 2009


On April 1st 2009, Popcap Games (the company that made Peggle & Bejeweled) released a trailer for their new game. It showed no gameplay and told you pretty much nothing about the game, except that there’s zombies on your lawn, and that you don’t like zombies on their lawn. A lot of people took it as an April Fools joke, but the next day Popcap announced that it was an actual game. The game was set to be released on May 5th (or May 6th for us Australians), and the only gameplay trailer we really saw wasn’t that long ago and it didn’t really show much except that the game isn’t serious, it’s more of a game that uses humor rather than drama.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 & 2 – A Retrospective.

May 1, 2009

The front cover of the first game. Thrilling, right?

Today, there’s many games with “Tycoon” stapled onto the end them. A few of them are good, such as Zoo Tycoon and Railroad Tycoon. But most are pretty damn bad, like Prison Tycoon, Airport Tycoon and Hospital Tycoon. But let me take you back to a time when there wasn’t so many Tycoon games. After the successful release of Transport Tycoon, Chris Sawyer wanted to make a sequel to it. But during development he became obsessed with rollercoasters, and that was how RollerCoaster Tycoon was started.

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REVIEW – Netstorm (PC)

April 8, 2009


Ah, good ol’ Netstorm. It’s a game I loved so so much as a child and that I still love today. In my opinion, Netstorm is one of the best RTS games ever released. Netstorm was released in 1997, which was around the time that other big RTS games were being released, for example Age of Empires. Netstorm to this day still has very unique gameplay. But I’ll stop talking about how great the game is, and I’ll actually tell you why Netstorm is as great as it is.

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