PixelJunk Shooter Review

January 17, 2010

Well the good folks over at Q-Games have done it again. They’ve taken classic game play and coated it with amazing visuals, a kicking soundtrack and cool new features.
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The Dreamcast – The Lost Episode

August 20, 2009

Dreamcast Logo

Click here to download the Lost Episode!

Just like the ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’, Juggernaut, Gasp, and Craigieboy have crept out of the darkness to take your fiancee away from you. Weirdly, they’re uglier than the creature.


An Interview with Dylan Cuthbert, President of Q-Games and creator of PixelJunk.

April 24, 2009

Facebook, it’s a wonderful little social networking site. Everyone and their Mom have a profile up. That goes for famous people as well as famous names in the gaming industry. Cut to 6 months or so ago when I found out that Dylan Cuthbert, president of Q-Games and the creator of the PixelJunk Series of games for the PlayStation Network (PSN) had a Facebook account. Sweet, I said to myself, I love his games so I’ll shoot him a message and pretty much heap praise on him. Well this soon led to what I think is a pretty neat little online friendship with one of the greatest minds in Indy game development. Yeah, I could probably kiss a little more ass if I tried.

Cut to about a month ago when I joined up with Skambu and a handful of other g1’s to start up Level257. About a week ago it dawned on me, I’ve been pretty chummy with Dylan over Facebook; why not see if I can toss a few questions his way and he could answer them at his leisure for the site? And what do you know, the guy was nice enough to oblige. So here we go, my little email interview with the great Dylan Cuthbert. Enjoy!

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My Thoughts on the Fat Princess Beta.

April 19, 2009


For those who have no idea what Fat Princess is, at its core it’s a giant game of capture the flag. The twist is that instead of a flag, each team holds the enemy teams Princess captive inside their Castle’s dungeon. The next twist is that you can fatten up the enemies Princess to make her more difficult to return.

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Killzone 2 – A Retrospective.

April 13, 2009


I hate to say the cliché of about 99% of all first person shooters these days but… *sigh* the multiplayer is really KZ2’s saving grace. Honestly, it’s heavily team based where one game can have like 6 or 7 rounds…

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RETRO REVIEW – Blaster Master (NES)

April 12, 2009


Oh the 80’s. It’s music was amazing, cinema was booming and the video game industry both crashed and made a triumphant return. It was a great decade to be alive, and one of the many reasons for that was a game from Sunsoft called Blaster Master, for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The good old NES had a great library of games in every genre, including sidescrollers, RPG’s, adventure games, sports, and many different combinations of those. One such combination was the brilliant marriage between a sidescroller and a 3D adventure. The child of this marriage was Blaster Master.

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Pokemon Platinum – A Retrospective.

April 10, 2009


So, I got hooked back onto the Nintendo-branded heroin, also known as Pokémon with its newest iteration, Platinum. Like all console generations, about two years after the initial two games of a series are released, a third is released that basically combines the previous two games and adds something a little special.

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