PixelJunk Shooter Review

Well the good folks over at Q-Games have done it again. They’ve taken classic game play and coated it with amazing visuals, a kicking soundtrack and cool new features.

The story is simple but intriguing. In a nutshell in the not so distant future earth’s resources are running low so human kind has sent shuttles out to space to find new resources on distant planets. Pretty much mining new planets of their resources to fulfill our own needs. Well while mining one planet the scientists and workers ran into trouble and communication was lost. You’ve been tasked with the search and rescue project and are thrust into the mines to rescue any survivors.

The basic game play is a dual stick shooter where your main cannon isn’t the only weapon at your disposal. The environment can also be used to your advantage, or disadvantage if you’re not careful. Lava and water are all around which adds to a puzzle element to the game. Use water to cool lava to rock which can be blasted through, use lava to melt ice to get deeper into the caves. Your ship needs to stay cool too so if you get too close to the lava you’ll start to overheat. But a quick dip into some water will cool you right down.

The soundtrack for Shooter, like all the games in the PixelJunk series, is outstanding. You’ll be jamming along while blasting enemies and saving scientists. I’m personally hoping it’ll become available for download like Eden’s soundtrack.

The only real “down side” to the game is it only last 3-5 hours. But then that’s just pushing yourself through the game. You can go back to find missing survivors, hidden areas and collect treasures.

If you’ve liked the other games in the PixelJunk series this is a no question must buy. It may be shorter in game time as the previous titles but it’s got a lot more depth and replay value and in my opinion is the best Q-Games has put out yet.


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