Free Weekend – 09/01/02

Since this is the first entry on my new blog series, a small introduction is needed:
Following the ended “TEH NEWZ” I used to post on a (mostly) weekly basis, now I decided to start writhing again and move onto something less time consuming. A blog series where I will post a vast array of free stuff that you can find online. Be it games, music, movies, etc… Anything that its worth your time.
I guess one of the reasons I’m doing this is because I feel that so many artists, programmers and designers give so much great content and quite often receive so little praise. Not only that but considering that getting laid off has become more and more  common in so many countries, getting free stuff is maybe now more appreciated then ever.

This is going to be divided in 4 parts (at least for now): downloadable games, games you can play of the browser,  music track/album and video/movie.

Lets get started then!

1- Downloadable

Winner of the 2008 Retro Remakes Competition in the category of Games Without Sequels.

It all starts with Thomas’ girlfriend, Sylvia, getting kidnapped by the evil M. X… again. While the story is pretty much unchanged, everything else got massively improved.

In the developers own words Kung Fu 2’s goal was to take the NES version, and make a sequel with revamped graphics, refined game-play, new areas to fight in, and new twists in the plot”. Its safe to say that they nailed it in pretty much every way they could. The presentation is awesome, with a far sharper, more detailed background and characters, while retaining the NES style we all love. Good soundtrack and sound effects. Faster gameplay with some new additions to the array of moves, like the hadouken or spin kick. And also playable characters to be unlocked.

Kung Fu (NES Version) and Kung Fu 2

After level 10, the supposed last level where you fight Mr. X to save Sylvia, the game loops over the same 10 stages with increasingly faster enemies and tougher bosses.
The game might not be the hardest in the first set of levels, but after you get past the 10th, it just gets crazier and crazier. Timing your attacks is crucial, something that might be a problem on the first playthroughs. You have infinite continues though, and after completing a level you can start your game from there.
With the increasing challenging levels and fun gameplay,
replayability isn’t exactly a problem.

All in all, the developers of the original game should be proud.

Download it here!

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2 – Browser Love

From SilverStich over at Newgrounds, I give you “Colour My World”. You travel a mostly monochromatic world with the help of the arrow keys and interact with several points of interest with the mouse, like signs or levers.
There are no enemies, at least in the sense of the word we are expecting, no kills, no highscores. Just click on and enjoy the sights and sounds.

You can also download the tune on Newgrounds as well, just follow the link.


3 – Music Track

Original Composer: Rob Hubber
Platforms: C64, Spectrum, Commodore Plus/4 and Amstrad CPC
Release Date: 1985
Original track from the Commodore 64 version

Remix Artist: Tammo – youtube user SAKKISAXX

Download it here!

PS: Thank you Drath for introducing me to Monty on the Run. Without you I wouldn’t have ever found about this :)


4- Video Series


You might have seen the Mario VS Pacman video that has been going around lately on sites like Kotaku or College Humor. But the truth is that there are loads of other Versus videos. Epic battles like  Kung Fu Panda VS Liu Kang, Worm VS Darkwing Duck, King Leonidas VS Cuck Norris, Bomberman VS Tank, Santa VS Turkey and many others. You can check them out on youtube or where they are originally posted, a Russian site: TVigle (I just used google translator do get around).


This is it for this week, keep checking back for more free awesomeness either here or on Screwattack. Hope you enjoy reading, playing and listening as much as I did and don’t forget to send your content, or others content that you like my way through email, Twitter or pigeon post. If it is awesome, it will probably be featured.


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  1. Tammo Sachs says:

    Thanks for posting the MONTY, man ;)

    Cheerz from Berlin Germany!

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