State Of The Nation

As some of you may have already realized, it is pretty evident that our content stream got a bit dry the past month or so. School started for the most part of us, some of our contributors just vanished from the face of the earth, all in all, a number of problems hit our site pretty hard.
Dead is such a strong word, so lets call it an hiatus instead.

Still, don’t worry fellow readers (yes, all three of you), you can expect, from me that is, both a new video and article series. They are still in the making, so I won’t get into much detail before having something more solid to show you all. I won’t be able to put them out as much as I would like to, since I’m currently in college and all that fun stuff, but as always, I’m trying to make something different here.

On another note, I have twitter now! HURRAY!! I use it more to follow others rather than posting about my bowel movements and weather reports of my current location. But I digress. Just add me to the “follow” list if you want, Ill gladly return the favor.

Oh and don’t forget, ideas, feedback, contributions… nude pics? Everything is more then welcome.

And now, here is a picture of a puppy.


You see? Now this post wasn’t a complete wast of time.


4 Responses to State Of The Nation

  1. BoboTheMonkey says:

    I demend blood!

  2. Joechenlink says:


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